Prof. Sanjay S Supe,
Professor, Radiation Physics ,
KMIO, Bangalore and
Life Membe r of AMPI

Dr.Sanjay Sudhakar Supe, Professor of Radiation Physics, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, known as “Sanjay” to friends and as “Supe Saheb” to students was loved by   everybody who came across him.  He was a fantastic colleague, a very helpful teacher and an academician keen on publications and presentations. He had a enviable collection  of published  articles and presentations which he was always eager to share with students and colleagues. He worked as a Medical Physicist and life member of AMPI for more than 25 years. During his illustrious career, he once functioned as the Convenor of the scientific committee for the 33rd  conference of Medical Physics, which was held at Mangalore. He was member of many committees and chaired many sessions in conferences, and many would not know, he has the highest number of publications in our country in the discipline of Radiation Oncology ( as a group author). Such an interesting multidimensional personality, who succumbed to the deadly disease of malignancy on 5-June-2014, holds the position of Vice Chairman of the College of Medical Physicists of India. AMPI and CMPI members mourn the loss of such a illustrious member and prays god that his wife and two daughters get enough courage to withstand such a huge loss and carry on further. May his soul rest in peace!.




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